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In this tour, you will visit three of the most beautiful cenotes in Yucatan: Cascabel, Chaksikin and Pool Cocom. You will arrive at the cenotes on board a truck that is typically used to transport agave leaves.

The three cenotes are part of the “Ring of Cenotes,” a network of more than 100 cenotes that experts believe are linked to the theory that an asteroid hit Earth 65 million years ago, and many more changed direction. Life on Earth leaves a valley 180 kilometers away.

This is a tour where you will learn about events, circumstances, and the Maya’s deep connection to cenotes. Get ready to swim and play in the crystal magical waters of this unique natural setting.

Your first stop will be at the Cascabel cenote where you will swim and admire the surrounding natural structures. Behind is the Chaksikin cenote known for its deep water. Enjoy free swim time in the in ground pool. Continue to the Xoch cenote, an open pool that gives you the opportunity to admire the beauty of nature.

After the tour and swimming time, there will be time for lunch at a local restaurant before returning to Merida.



Enjoy a swim at three different cenotes
Travel by truck used to transport agave leaves, or opt to ride a bicycle
Eat a delicious Mexican lunch served at a local restaurant
Feel the power of nature with this tour
Swim deep in the belly of the caves



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