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From Lima: Palomino Islands – Lima Province, Peru

Swim alongside sea lions with beautiful rocky cliffs of the Palomino Islands. Sail around islets and observe guano birds and Humboldt penguins.


we depart from a private dock in an exclusive area of the resort of la punta and with total biosecurity.
the yacht in which we will depart is a double-decker and you will travel only on the first upper deck, which is zoned so that each group is isolated from the others.
we start our tour in the bay of la punta where we have: cantolao beach, the nautical clubs and the naval school.
then we will continue and we will be able to know el camotal which is known as the atlántica chalaca, part of callao in the time of the viceroyalty. we will continue with el frontón island, here we will be able to appreciate the remains of the prison of the same name and the countless stories of this sadly famous place.
we will continue with islote redondo, located between san lorenzo and el frontón islands, it is the last guano islet in the area.
finally we will go to san lorenzo island, sailing from south to north, we will skirt part of the largest island in the country that keeps countless stories from the pre-inca era to date we have: the old house of the guano company, the pre-inca cemetery, the presidential beach and the naval base.
passing the naval base of san lorenzo island, the yacht will stop for some nautical activities such as rope fishing (we will provide the board and the line) we will be able to recognize and feed birds and even an experience of swimming in altamar for which we will lend you the wetsuits.
then we will be able to observe the pachitea ship, continuing towards callao and always to the north we will find this ship sunk more than 20 years ago. also with the port of callao, with the entrance area to the port known as la bocana and also the south container pier and its huge gantry cranes. we finish with the callao bay, where from the sea we will appreciate the grau square, the real felipe fortress and the chucuito beach.



enjoy a day full of adventures and incredible anecdotes.
swimming at sea accompanied by marine animals.
know the most historical sites of callao.



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