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We start this magical night picking you up from your hotel at approximately 17:30 and 18:00 hours and we go to the historic park of the Reserve. The Magic Water Circuit is one of the main attractions visited at night by locals and foreigners, an impressive spectacle of lights and sounds that attracts all visitors. In this impressive tour we will observe thirteen ornamental fountains that star in a great show of laser lights and images projected on the water with images representing the Peruvian culture and set with the unique music of Peru. You will find strategic points where you can interact with some of the fountains and enter a tunnel formed by water jets. After enjoying this first show, our next adventure is in the Alameda Chabuca Granda, a perfect place to interact and observe the daily life and entertainment of the locals. Enjoy the views on this night walk and taste on your own some of the popular food or drinks such as anticuchos, picarones, chicha morada or some typical Lima sweets like mazamorra with sambito rice. We will finish the tour back at the hotel at approximately 9:30 pm.



Enjoy the wonderful light and sound projections.
Enjoy the wonderful light and sound projections.
Have fun interacting with the water fountains and get wet!



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