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Visit the most important wine region in Peru, taste red wine and the popular local drink, pisco. Visit the oldest vineyard in Peru and a traditional pisco winery and learn how wine and pisco are made and, of course, try them at both wineries.

The tour begins with pickup in Ica or Huacachina. The first stop, the Tacama vineyard, established in the 16th century, considered one of the oldest in South America and the first in Peru. Visit the old hacienda and the tower from where you will get the best views and see hectares of grapes. Next, you will visit the old and new factories and see how Tacama produces wines and piscos through the industrial process. Afterwards, you will taste their piscos and wines.

Our second stop will be the “El Catador” vineyard, known for its pisco. Pisco is a strong liquor known as the national drink of Peru. You will learn about the traditional process of making pisco and the clay jars known as “botijas” where the juice of crushed grapes is fermented during the month of March (harvest time). After your visit you will have time to taste the pisco and wine.

You will have the opportunity to have lunch (not included) in one of the wineries that prepare typical dishes from this region.



Taste the wine and the famous pisco
Great variety of wines and pisco
Find out how these famous drinks are made.



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