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The tour starts at 15:30 hours we will meet at the Huacachina oasis. We will go into the desert in a famous buggy, we will also know all the history of the oasis.

We will have some time to take some pictures. Then we will go to the dunes to do the sandboarding activity; we will get off the buggy and we will have a brief explanation and we will start with the sandboarding, which is one of the most entertaining activities that can be done in this desert.

After a while we will return to the Huacachina Lagoon and watch the beautiful sunset.

We will finish this activity by returning to Ica, arriving at 18:30 hours.



Enjoy an experience full of adrenaline
Let yourself be captivated by this beautiful sunset.
Slide down the sand of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Peru.



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