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Early in the morning, we will pick you up from your hotel or bus station in the city of Ica to start this amazing adventure with the Canyon of the Lost tour, located south of the Santiago district.

Our transportation will take us on a 2-hour journey along the south Panamerican Highway until we reach the district of Ocucaje. Before entering the desert of Ocucaje, we will make a brief stop so you can buy fresh food, fruits, and beverages (optional).

Along the way to the canyon, we will make a stop at the Pampa de Piedras, where we will have time to take fun photos. Continuing on our route, we will arrive at the viewpoint of the Canyon of the Lost.

This natural wonder, discovered in 2011, spans a total length of 2 kilometers and has a depth of 150 meters. The canyon is formed by the erosion of the Seco River, which flows into the Ica River and eventually reaches the Pacific Ocean. Among the fauna we may encounter, there are birds such as vultures and crows.

We will begin our hike on a sandy trail, with the opportunity to admire marine fossils such as whales and sharks. It has been determined that this place was once an ocean floor, estimated to be around 20 to 30 million years old.

We will explore the different levels of this naturally carved rock formation, with intricate figures on the walls and small lagoons along the way. You will be able to observe the face of the Puma, a natural formation resembling the visage of a feline. Beneath this image lies a stagnant water pool known as the Eye of the Fish.

Other attractions include the Plaza Caracol and the incredible oasis formed by the merging with the Ica River.

After enjoying this remarkable experience for two hours, we will exit the canyon and begin our return journey to the city of Ica. Upon arrival, we will drop you off at your hotel or bus station.



Tour to the Canyon of the Lost in the desert of Ica
Learn about this amazing place with the professional guide
Get to know a new discovered Peruvian attraction
Opportunity to admire marine fossils
Take the best pictures of this natural rock formation



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