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We will begin the Ausangate 7 Lakes Tour at 4:00 in the morning, picking you up from your hotels and starting our journey towards the town of Pacchanta, with a brief stop in Tinki for a relaxing break. The bus ride from Tinki to Pacchanta takes approximately 45 minutes, where a delicious breakfast will be waiting for us. From this point, we will commence our hike to the beautiful lakes of Ausangate.

We will have a five-hour trek, visiting various lakes and having the opportunity to observe birds, alpacas, llamas, numerous vizcachas, and, with luck, even the Andean Condor. After completing the circuit, we will return to Pacchanta to enjoy a delightful lunch, and we will conclude the day at the soothing hot springs of Ausangate, ideal for relaxing the muscles. To wrap up our journey, we will return to the city of Cusco by 7:00 in the evening.



Explore seven stunning Ausangate lakes in a picturesque Andean adventure.
Savor local cuisine with breakfast in Pacchanta and a delightful lunch.
Encounter diverse wildlife during a five-hour trek in the Andean highlands.
Immerse in local hospitality in Pacchanta and relax in Ausangate’s hot springs.
Enjoy seamless logistics with Cusco hotel pickups for a stress-free excursion.



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