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There are few experiences in the world that match swimming alongside the largest, most majestic fish in the sea. Spend an unforgettable day swimming among whale sharks, often called the “gentle giants,” and have the adventure of a lifetime.

Begin the tour with a relaxing drive out of Cabo San Lucas and through the beautiful Californian desert aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle. Once in La Paz, board a luxury boat and set off into the stunning Sea of Cortés to observe the clusters of whale sharks and other marine life that gather there during the winter.

Suit up in your snorkeling gear and dive into the clear waters of the Sea of Cortés for a snorkel of a lifetime. Get up close and personal with not only whale sharks, but dolphins, sting rays and other fascinating underwater creatures. Once you’ve snorkeled to your heart’s desire, enjoy a short break in La Paz to stroll around the beautiful boardwalk and indulge in a local lunch of Baja-style tacos and cold drinks before heading back to Cabo.



Snorkel amongst the most majestic creatures of the ocean, the whale sharks
Spend the day in the sun on the beautiful waters of the Sea of Cortés
Spot a variety of other fascinating marine creatures, including sting rays
Enjoy a stroll down the beautiful boardwalk of La Paz
Indulge in a delicious Baja-style taco lunch



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