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During this 2 day trip you will be using a comfortable private car with an experienced driver to ensure your safety. You will also be accompanied by our friendly guide to explore the stunning volcano of Mount Ijen . Expect interesting stories about the volcano and insight into the local life.

Begin your journey with midnight pick up from Bali area and head to Java Island. Recharge your energy with a night sleep at the hotel between.

Have an early wake up and continue the journey to Mount Ijen, Marveling at its sulphuric blue lake surrounded by mountains and its simply mesmerizing blue flame phenomena which sets a magical ambiance around this mystical place.

At the end of the trip you can be dropped off to Surabaya/Malang or back to Bali if you plan on continuing your adventure to Bali.



Trek to the famous Ijen Crater
The natural blue fire phenomena
The fantastic sunrise from the top of the volcano of Mount Ijen
he view of the world’s largest acidic crater lake



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