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The trip takes approximately 4 hours to reach the valley of

We will start this trip at 4:30 am. Concentration Plaza de Armas Ayacucho.

Our first stop will be between 8:30 am for breakfast in the town of Sarhua.

Then between 9:00 am. Departure to Campanayocc waterfalls.
9:50 am Arrival to the valley of waterfalls, where we will begin a walk of approximately one hour to visit different waterfalls, native plants, birds, rock formations, hot springs, landscapes contemplating nature.

Continuing with alexcursion we will return between 1:30 pm. Lunch in Sarhua
2:30 pm. Visit to the artisans’ house (Textile, Music and Sarhua boards).

Finally 3:00 pm. Return to Huamanga.



Hiking, trekking. Trekking
Ecotourism, nature and landscape
Sarhua are known worldwide for their wood craftsmanship.



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