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Everest Region: Mera Peak Climbing – Sagarmatha, Nepal

Embark on an extraordinary journey to conquer new heights and discover the untamed spirit - Join Mera Peak Climbing and let the thrill of adventure propel you toward the pinnacle of achievement!


Conquer the Majesty of Mera Peak: Are you ready to experience the ultimate thrill of reaching great heights? Mera Peak awaits your arrival! Standing tall at 6,476 meters (21,247 feet), this majestic Himalayan peak offers a rewarding climbing experience for adventure enthusiasts. As you ascend through picturesque landscapes and remote Sherpa villages, you’ll find yourself immersed in the rich culture of Nepal. Embark on this incredible journey, challenge your limits, and unlock the true spirit of mountaineering as you stand triumphant on the summit of Mera Peak!

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu 1,350m/4,429ft
Day 02: Fly to Lukla (2,800 m/9,184 ft) and trek to Chutanga (3475m/11398 ft)
Day 03: Chutang to Thuli Kharka (4300m/14104ft) via Zatra La (4600m) 7 to 7 hrs
Day 04: Thuli Kharka to Kothe (4182m/13716 ft)6 to 7 hrs
Day 05: Kothe to Thangnag (4356m/14288ft) 5 to 6 hrs
Day 06: Thagnag to Khare (5,000m/16,400ft) 5 to 6 hrs
Day 07: Acclimatization at Khare – Ice climbing practice 3 hrs
Day 08: Trek to Mera High Camp (5,800 m) – 7 to 8 hours 6 to 7 hrs
Day 09: Mera High Camp to Summit and back to Khare8 to 9 hrs
Day 10: Spare Day for Climbing In Case of Bad Weather
Day 11: Trek to Kothe (3,600 m) – 6 to 7 hours 6 to 7 hrs
Day 12: Kothe to Thuli Kharka 6 to 7 hrs
Day 13: Thuli Kharla to Lukla via Zatrwa La pass 6 to 7hrs
Day 14: Fly Back to Kathmandu or Manthali from Lukla
Day 15: Leisure Day in Kathmandu
Day 16: Transfer to the International Airport for your Final Flight Departure.

Soar Above the Clouds: Imagine the exhilarating feeling of standing atop Mera Peak, gazing out at the vast expanse of the Himalayas beneath you. The world below will seem like a distant memory as you soar above the clouds, embracing the serenity and the sheer magnificence of the mountains. Mera Peak will not only be a symbol of your triumph over nature but also a reminder that with determination and courage, you can conquer any obstacle life throws your way.

Join the Mera Peak expedition and become part of a legacy of explorers who have found solace, challenge, and wonder amidst the towering peaks of the Himalayas. It’s time to answer the call of adventure, to embrace the unknown, and to reach for the skies. Unleash your inner mountaineer, and let Mera Peak be the canvas on which you paint the story of a lifetime!



Majestic Mera Peak: Standing tall at 6,476m.
Breathtaking Himalayan Vistas: Panoramic snow-capped landscapes.
Thrilling Ice Climbing Practice at Khare.
Serene Trekking through Sherpa Villages.
Close-knit Climbing Community: Bond with like-minded adventurers.



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