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If you arrive in the Coquimbo Region in Chile, the Elqui Valley is a place you must visit. The Elqui Valley is not a place, but several towns that were formed around the Elqui River, which have made this area a must-see worldwide.It stands out for having the clearest skies in the southern hemisphere, which places it in first place for astronomical observation. Its privileged geographical and climatic conditions allow the cultivation of vineyards, where the famous grape distillate called PISCO is produced, as well as varieties of wines.The Valley puts us in direct contact with nature, provoking different sensations, observing how the vines cover the hills and everything revolves around the production of this fruit. Narrow streets and mud and straw houses will accompany us on this tour.Do not miss this tour and let yourself be surprised. Come live with us this great experience.Monday: Puclaro Reservoir and Gabriela Mistral Museum closed.

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