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Experience the fun and flavors of the Elqui Valley with this shore excursion, designed specifically with cruise ship tourists in mind. You’ll start with a visit to the village of El Molle to eat traditional Chilean pastries before continuing to a pisco distillery to taste Chile’s signature brandy. You’ll then visit a couple of different breweries, with a stop along the way to try out cactus ice cream.
Sample Chilean treats, including locally made pisco and beer
Round-trip transfers from the port are included
This activity is available in Spanish, English, and Chinese
Small group sizes ensure personal attention from your guide

This All-Inclusive round trip to Elqui Valley it is specially tailored and timed for Cruise Ship tourists, it includes the full experience of the valley in the exact amount of time of your visit. This trip starts in the Port of Coquimbo and will be 8 hours long (or less!). We will visit the village of El Molle to eat exquisite traditional Chilean pastries before we visit Aba pisco distillery to taste a unique type of brandy and full size cocktails. To avoid the midday heat we will then drink artisanal and experimental beer at the Guayacan Brewery. For dessert we can have cactus ice cream at La Bilbaína. Then, we will visit Cactus Brewery to enjoy refreshing ale beer and then we will return to La Serena to visit La Recova Market and the Third Millenium Cross in Coquimbo. We will take care of your time! This tour will end at least one hour before your planned departure.

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