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Dubai/Sharjah: Day Trip to Hatta City and Hajar Mountains – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Take a day trip from Dubai to the centuries-old Hatta Heritage Village and become one with nature as you take a stroll in the Hajar Mountains. Visit the Hatta Dam, Hatta Hill Park, and local markets.


Embark on a day trip from Dubai or Sharjah to Hatta Heritage Village. Escape the glassy facades of the city to enjoy views of the majestic Hajar mountains. Visit major attractions including the Hatta Dam, Heritage Village, and Hatta Hill Park.

Begin your adventure with a convenient hotel pick in a comfortable 4×4 jeep, ensuring a seamless and comfortable ride. Be driven east of the city to the foothills of the Hajar Mountains where the historical village lies.

Explore the essence of Hatta as your guide leads you through the charming Hatta city, unveiling its rich history and culture. Behold the mesmerizing Hatta Dam, a tranquil oasis amidst rugged terrain, and capture breathtaking views at Hatta Hill Park.

Continue to Hatta Heritage Village in the heart of the town to witness a tapestry of history, nature, and culture, woven together to offer you a holistic experience. As your appetite grows, delight in a hearty buffet that showcases local flavors, satisfying your taste buds with a taste of authenticity.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local life at the fruit and vegetable market, where the freshest produce beckons. Indulge in the timeless traditions of the carpet and pottery market, where skilled artisans showcase their craft.



Journey decades back to an era of citadels, forts and towers in a mountain town
Traverse the rugged terrains of Hatta as you journey across the Hajar mountains
Spend a day surrounded by craggy mountains, scattered springs, and lush valleys
Immerse yourself in Hatta’s natural beauty, delectable cuisine, and rich history
Indulge in the timeless traditions of the local markets in the Heritage Village



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