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Dubai: 30-Minute Jetovator Session at The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Try something new and experience the new water Jetovator, an innovative water sports device, to fly like superhero!!


Bump your adrenaline with a flying experience on the water Jetovator, a new water sports device, which is just like riding a bicycle.

The Jetovator sessions for beginners last for 30 mins, before which you can benefit from 10 minutes of instructions provided by a professional instructor to ensure that you enjoy your experience and fly safely. Allow your instructor to assist you and manage the power according to your skill level.

Once you’re comfortable on the device, the instructor will help you to start learning new tricks such as spinning, moving right and left. .



Bump your adrenaline
Fly with a water bike
Experience a new water sports device



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