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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to explore the underwater world? If you are not quite ready to take the plunge into a certification course, the Discover Scuba Diving/Try Scuba experience is for you. Although is not an actual scuba course, you’ll receive basic training while enjoying a fun and easy introduction to diving and you’ll be able to move and breathe in our awesome coral reef, enjoying a 45-minute (average time) open-water dive.
Upon arrival, you’ll fill out a medical questionnaire (available earlier on request) prior to the training.
First, you’ll learn about the physiology of diving by watching a video and discussing every aspect with your instructor. Then you’ll go over the scuba gear to find out how easy it is to use before going to the confined water practice. In our shallow reef lagoon, you will get to grips with breathing through a regulator and swimming efficiently in diving gear. You’ll also learn a few critical skills that will help you to feel confident.
When you’re ready, it is due time to go for the ocean dive. Our boat will take you in five minutes to a beautiful section of the reef, where you will enjoy the dive under the constant care of your instructor. Get ready to discover a new and fascinating world!



Boat dive on a beautiful reef teemiing with life
Learn with patience and caring instructors
Gain experience and confidence thru a safety dive



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