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Explore the beauty of Denpasar on a self-guided audio tour. Walk at your own pace and admire the stunning architecture of the Royal Palace of Bali, Pasar Burung, and more.

Download the MP3 audio tour combined with a fully detailed map of the area and start your adventure with your audio device as your guide. Soak in the vibrant atmosphere while listening to fascinating facts and stories about the city.

During the tour uncover the history behind the beautiful Maospahit Temple. Be mesmerized by the stunning red-brick architecture of the Hindu temple. Continue to visit the famous the Royal Palace of Bali, the Pasar Burung, and Puri Agung Jro Kut.

Take time to lose yourself in the interesting elements of the Bali Museum and Taman Budaya (Bali Cultural Park and Bali Art Centre). Enjoy a hassle-free audio tour to one of the most charming cities of Indonesia.



Make memories to last a lifetime on a self-guided walking tour of Denpasar
Download the MP3 audio tour on your phone and explore the city at your own pace
Marvel at the stunning red-brick architecture of the Maospahit Hindu Temple
Visit the famous Royal Palace of Bali and learn about the history of the palace
Get immersed into the Balinese culture while walking through the streets



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