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The Cusco City Tour consists of visiting five archaeological parks inside and outside the imperial city of Cusco. A visit to Cusco involves appreciating the architecture of the Inca and colonial era.

Tour with us the most beautiful and visited archaeological complexes in Cusco. Book our half-day tour, City Tour Cusco, and visit the most important treasures of the oldest living city in America.

• The lavish Inca temple of Qoricancha, also known as the Temple of Santo Domingo.
• The impressive platforms and temples of the great ceremonial fortress of Sacsayhuamán.
• The enigmatic rocky promontories and labyrinthine paths of the Qenqo amphitheater.
• The large terraces, walls and stone steps of the military fortress of Puca Pucara.
• And the mysterious platforms and fountains of the Tambomachay water temple.

Cusco City Tour begins, in the main square of the imperial city, a living example of the mixture of Andean and Spanish cultures.

• We start with the Temple of Qoricancha, in this place you can see the different temples.
This is a religious center known as “Temple of the Sun,” actually, it was the most important temple in Inca times. What stands out here is the impressive engineering that was employed in its construction, and the paintings from the Cusquenian School housed inside.

• Once our guided tour of this important Inca Temple is over, we head to the Sacsayhuaman Archaeological Parkwhere we can see huge blocks of Inca architecture perfectly united
This is an impressive fortress of excellent architecture; it is famous for its construction based on rocks. Some of these rocks are about 9 m (30 ft) high and weigh more than 350 tons. Sacsayhuaman is the place where the “Inti Raymi” (Party of the Sun) is celebrated every 24th of June.

• We will arrive at the archaeological complex of Q’enko, which it was a ceremonial and religious center in Inca times. Qenqo was an amphitheater in which sacrifices used to take place.

• We will continue the tour until we reach Puca Pucara, formerly an Inca surveillance post and entry control to the capital of the Inca state.

• Finally we will arrive at Tambomachay, which was a very important place for the Inca, since in this place the worship of water was carried out while enjoying leisure; it is also known as the place of the waters of the eternal youth.

Finally, we will return to the city center, where you can have dinner before heading to your hotel.



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