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An tour to archaeological complex of Moray, which features incredible circular terraces (agricultural platforms) showcasing the advanced agricultural technology developed by the Incas. Afterward, we will head to Maras, where you can enjoy the famous salt mines, also known as salt pans, where salt is produced entirely by hand. Then, we will return to Cusco.

On this day, we will visit beautiful Inca villages with their colonial houses. During this unique and enjoyable journey, we will appreciate the treasures that this sacred land holds.

We will start the day by visiting the experimental agricultural terraces of Moray. These are a group of circular terraces that can reach depths of up to 150 meters. According to historians, these constructions served as an important Inca agricultural laboratory since their platforms were built with their respective irrigation canals, each of which had a microclimate. What stands out the most is the difference in average annual temperature between the top and bottom of the depressions, with a difference of up to 15°C.

Next, we will head to the colonial town of Maras, which preserves its Andean traditions and customs. We can admire its beautiful architecture and houses with colonial-style stone doors.

Finally, we will visit the Salinas de Maras. These salt mines continue to be exploited to this day, where farmers work daily, just as they did in Inca times. At the end of the tour, we will return to Cuzco and drop you off at your hotel.



Marvel at the incredible Incan agricultural techniques in Moray
Enjoy fantastic views of the salt mines in Maras
Learn about the history of the Incas from a professional guide



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