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Get ready for a gastronomic experience you won’t forget!
Before starting, we will pick you up from your hotel in Cusco and head towards the Sacred Valley, until we reach Patabamba, where a family will be waiting for you, ready to prepare Pachamanca, an ancient dish from pre-Hispanic cultures that survive today. different parts of our Andean Peru.
Together with the local family we will begin to dig a hole in the ground and then place some stones previously heated with firewood inside.
Then various types of marinated and seasoned meats will be placed on top along with a variety of Andean potatoes. This whole experience will take us all morning. Once the cooking is finished, we will have lunch with all the members of the local family.
In the afternoon, together with our guide, we head towards Pisaq, we will visit the artisan market and later we will arrive at the archaeological site to see the different Inca constructions.
Finally we will return to Cusco, thus completing this incredible experience.



Learn how to prepare an ancestral dish from pre-Hispanic cultures.
Live a gastronomic and cultural experience in the Andean community of Patabamba.
Participate in the tasting and have an explosion of flavors never before known.
Visit a craft market and arqueological site of Pisaq after having a good lunch.



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