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This incredible experience will begin with the pick up from your hotel at 8:00 am to go to the community of Cuyo Chico.

Reception and short walk to the sacred river along with the llamas, we will arrive to the place where we will be in contact with mother earth and the four elements, during the therapy ancestral sounds will be emitted as part of the therapy.

We will thank Mother Earth through coca and chicha, we will interrelate with the alpacas to begin with our healing, at the end we will distribute the chicha.

Continuing with the tour we will move to a space in the middle of the Andes, we will learn about healing with clay, this practice was one of the ways to have contact with mother earth and feel the energy of the world beyond. The whole healing process will be accompanied by sounds with Inca instruments.

At the end of the activity we will return to Cusco.



Enjoy a unique experience
Learn all about this therapy and healing with clay.
Connect with nature



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