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Cruising the famous Sangkor River has never been as easy,the boats we use are all designed for this lake and river system crossing,very few people get to experience this magical river,but its an experience you will never forget,you will be entering a time and place that time seems to have forgotten, a place without roads, a place where the locals have adapted to the ever changing and seasonal water levels, everything either floats or is built so high up on stilts its awesome to see,. our expert lake guides (many are from the villages we visit) give you an expert in-sight into how the villages operate, and live in these amazing unique and confronting lake and river systems, as we cruise past prek toal, home to some of the worlds most endangered species of large and rare waterbirds, the whole lake and river system is now protected area and is designated by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve, one thing is for sure an experience few will every see, but those that do will never forget .

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