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Immerse yourself in a cultural odyssey with our comprehensive China Tea & Incense Art Experience, followed by an enriching Beadwork Making Class.

In the initial 30-minute segment, indulge your senses in the intricate world of Tea Art. Discover the artistry behind brewing the perfect cup of traditional Chinese White and Red tea while learning the historical and cultural significance that accompanies each sip.

Next, delve into the mesmerizing realm of Incense Art for another 30 minutes. Under the guidance of our expert instructors, explore the techniques and symbolism behind this ancient practice. Experience the rich aromas of Sandalwood and Ancient Chinese Goose Pear incense, unlocking the secrets of their captivating scents.

Finally, in the hour-long Beadwork Making Class, unleash your creativity as you craft your very own beadwork masterpiece. Utilizing natural agate beads and guided by our skilled teacher, you’ll learn the intricate techniques required to fashion unique designs. Take home your creation a personalized memento of your journey, brimming with cultural significance and artistic flair.

Prepare to embark on a transformative experience where tradition meets creativity, leaving you with cherished memories and tangible tokens of your exploration into China’s rich heritage.



Explore the essence of Chinese culture through tea and incense art
Experience Sandalwood and Ancient Chinese Goose Pear incense
Craft your own beadwork masterpiece with natural agate beads



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