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Explore Chiang Mai by bike, cycling through the South-Eastern part of Chiang Mai. The route takes you over quiet country roads, and through small villages, where farmers work the rice fields, while their wives fill their days making terracotta.

Stop at an old temple, where the oldest people from the village make flowers and garlands of paper and textiles, which are used during Thai weddings and Buddhist ceremonies.

Continue through the rice fields, and make a short stop at a farm where mushrooms are cultivated. See women from a local village making rice crackers, banana chips, soya bean paste, and many more Thai traditional products. Make sure you have the opportunity to sample some of these local delicacies.

Enjoy lunch at a typical local restaurant. While the chef is preparing the food, there’s time to stroll over the market next to the restaurant and look at all sorts of different goods.

Follow the Ping River and travel over country roads. Did you ever wonder what is in the pieces of bamboo they sell alongside the roads? Here you’ll learn the answer as well as how many different variations there are.

Arrive at a small restaurant beside the water, where you’ll have a local cup of coffee or some herb juice. Visit a 700-year-old Chedi, and see how the 2 styles, Lopburi and Burmese, are combined. After a stop at the local market, where you can sample some local fruits or snacks, arrive back at the starting point.



Cycle over quiet country roads and through small villages
Stop at a farm where mushrooms are cultivated
See women from a local village making Thai traditional products
Travel along the Ping river
Visit a 700 year old Chedi



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