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Your memorable journey starts with picking you up from Chiang Mai city, before an hour drive east into the mountains to Mae Kampong, a stunning village nestled among the towering mountains.

The first stop will be a short hike to try and spot the resident gibbons, these majestic creatures were released in the past as part of a rehabilitation project and now live in a secluded area known to only a few people. 10% of the tour price will be donated to the caretakers who provide food for the gibbons in times of scarcity and also ensure their protection and safety. We’ll hire the help of the caretaker to take us to the viewing area and you’ll learn all about their lives in the forest of Chiang Mai. Please note that they are wild animals and free to roam the forest so sightings are not guaranteed.

We’ll continue to journey up into Mae Kampong and enjoy a wander around the network of streets before the jungle hike begins. The hike takes you along a secluded 3km trail through the forest, which is seldom visited and not well known except to locals. We’ll see one of the oldest trees in Chiang Mai, and the local guide will explain about the flora and fauna along the way. After the hike we’ll head to Mae Kampong waterfall and enjoy the refreshing water and soothing atmosphere.

Finally we will stop for lunch in the village before returning to the city to round off a memorable experience.

08.00am – Hotel pick up
09.00am – Short to the jungle area where gibbons reside before heading to main village
10.00am – Wander around the quaint streets of Mae Kampong village, chat to locals and enjoy the magical atmosphere
11.30am – Begin 3km jungle hike with a local guide and learn about the flora and fauna
12.30pm – Visit Mae Kampong waterfall
13.00pm – Enjoy a delicious local lunch
14.00pm – Head back to the city and drop off at hotel approx 15.00-15.30pm



Chance of a lifetime to see gibbons in the wild
Gaze in wonder at one of the oldest trees in Chiang Mai
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the beautiful village of Mae Kampong
Cool off in the refreshing waterfall



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