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Begin your exploration into Chiang Mai’s heart with our comprehensive day tour, designed to engage your senses, experience authentic Thailand, and enrich your connection to nature. Be prepared for a day immersed in jungle trekking, bathing elephants, and drifting peacefully down a beautiful river, all while supporting local communities and promoting ethical animal care.

Upon pickup at your hotel between 8:30-9:00 am, our journey takes us south to the Mae Wang region. Our first destination is the elephant care sanctuary, home to a group of rescued elephants. You’ll get to feed, bathe, and learn about these magnificent creatures in a safe, respectful environment.

Next, we lace up our hiking boots for a 30-minute trek through the green jungle. Our short trek will guide us towards a hidden gem – a beautiful waterfall. Go for a short swim, take some beautiful photos, or simply relax in the calmness of this beautiful place.

A well-deserved lunch awaits at Shan Village. Enjoy a simple but traditional and authentic Thai meal.

Post-lunch, we head towards the Mae Wang River, our starting place to a bamboo rafting adventure. Allow the gentle currents to guide your raft for about an hour, during which you can enjoy the rich nature all around you.

After a fulfilling day, we will drive you back to your hotel in Chiang Mai, aiming to arrive around between 16.30-17.00 pm. This day is not just a tour, it’s a chance to engage in eco-friendly tourism, supporting local communities, and promoting ethical animal care.



Learn about rescued elephants at an elephant care sanctuary.
Trek to a beautiful secluded waterfall.
Glide on a bamboo raft along the scenic Mae Wang River.
Enjoy a local lunch at a shan village.



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