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We will delve into the ring of Cenotes and visit 4 of these majestic sinkholes. We will have to drive through a few dirtroads to get to these hidden gems where we will have the opportunity to swim in their turquoise water and to explore their caves.

Cenote is a regional term specific to the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico to describe natural sinkholes in the limestone bedrock layer of the earth’s surface exposing the groundwater. These freshwater swimming holes can be found all over the region due to the unique geological characteristics of the peninsula and an underground labyrinth that connects the region aquatically. Pronounced ‘say-noh-tay,’ the word derives from the Maya word ts’onot which referred to any location with accessible groundwater. The Maya considered cenotes to be sacred places protected by the Mayan spirits known as Alux and were sometimes used for sacrificial offerings.

With crystal clear water, often taking on deep blue or turquoise hues, and sometimes cave-like features including stalactites and stalagmites or long hanging vines draped over the edges, it is easy to understand why the Maya people believed cenotes to be sacred.

We will finish our adventure with a typical yucatecan lunch.



Visit 4 off-the-beaten-path cenotes
Swim in the crystal clear water
Explore the caves and take amazing pictures
Eat a typical yucatecan lunch



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