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We provide five star services and that´s why we´re unique in Chile in terms of quality and customers services.Come and enjoy the wine paradise in the Casablanca Valley – a wine region of 4000 hectares of wine.White wine predominates because of its climate but they produce red wines too in other regions. You´ll tasting white and also red wines. They make organic wines.It is the 10th most important Wine Valley in the world.We ´ll visit 3 beautiful vineyards tops of lines and international qualities.- VERAMONTE VINEYARD – Include a tour in this Vineyard,walking in the grape trees,visit to the cellars, history , 4 types of their best wines and a table of cheese for each one,- BODEGA RE – This is second vineyard we´ll visit and you can tasting their wines by glass ( It´s paid separately)- CASA DEL BOSQUE- Finally you can lunch in this most and gorgeous vineyard in this valley.They serve all kind of foods such as meat,fish,seafood,pasta and other.( It´s paid separately)

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