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First day;
Meet the tour guide at your hotel inside Cairo or Giza for pick-up.

Start the trip to Giza Pyramids plateau, discover the construction theories of the Pyramids and the secrets of its symbols. Get as much close as you want to the Pyramids, take the best photos you want and walk around. Have the opportunity to step inside the Pyramid passage corridor after buying the extra ticket.

Visit the Panorama plateau for more panoramic photos for all the whole Pyramids area, have the opportunity for a Camel ride at the Panorama for photos

Explore the Sphinx and watch the Valley temple discover their secrets and stand just in front of the Sphinx for more photos.

Visit the Egyptian Museum, with more than 100,000 monuments and artifacts included in the exhibitions. Allow your guide to describe the masterpieces of the three kingdoms during ancient Egyptian times.
Watch the original pieces of monuments. Visit the King Tut collection on the second floor, discover all about ancient Egyptian history, their artifacts, and symbols. Walk around, explore, and take the best photos.

Visit Old Cairo Coptic Churches, the hanging Church built upon an ancient Roman tower, the Church of st George and the holy family crypt Church watch the place where the holy family spent three months during their trip in Egypt

By the end of the day tour, we drive back to your hotel for drop-off.

Second day;

Start the day with pickup at your accommodation in Cairo or Giza. Then head to the Saqqara necropolis to see the oldest pyramid in Egypt: the Pyramid of Djoser, known as the Step Pyramid.

See the oldest stone funerary complex in Egypt and walk through its corridors. Discover the incredible details on the painted walls of ancient Egyptian tombs, describing the details of their daily life.

From there it’s on to Memphis, the first Egyptian capital, built in 3150 BC. Explore its wonders, including the colossal statue of Ramses II, the alabaster Sphinx, and the statue of Ptah, the patron god of Memphis. See these exceptional monuments, learn the history, and take lots of photos.

Finally arrive to Dahshur to visit the Bent and the Red Pyramids of the 4th dynasty. you have the opportunity to step inside one of them.

At the end of the day, you’ll be driven back to your accommodation.



Take advantage of Private two days tours around Cairo and Giza
Visit three magnificent Pyramids sightseeings during the two days
Explore the famous Egyptian Museum and the astonishing king Tut collection
Discover Coptic Cairo churches and get closer to the Coptic community in Egypt



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