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Get geared up for your offroad UTV adventure and explore the Baja outback.

After meeting your energetic guides, board a powerful 4×4 UTV that will take you off the beaten track. Drive along dry arroyos and sandy cactus-lined trails, shadowed by the natural canyons. Discover the fauna and flora native to the region from hidden viewpoints, overlooking the state of La Paz.

Complete your adventure with a traditional Mexican buffet at the beach sidebar, with stunning ocean views and the chance to see whales breaching in the ocean during the winter months. Finally learn about Tequila and Mezcal with a fun tasting session



Learn about Cabo and the baja region
Explore a private ranch
Experience an adventure-filled ride on a UTV through the Cabo canyons
Taste traditional Mexican mezcal and tequila samples
Eat your lunch alongside the waves of the Pacific in Cabo



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