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Unique wetland and protected place as a natural sanctuary, next to the famous dunes and wild Ritoque beach, where up to 60 different species of birds nest, many from Central and North America to fulfill their nesting and natural preservation cycle.Easily accessible place with a tourist guide, very close to Valparaíso (1 hr) and Santiago (2 hr) where researchers, bird watching lovers and professional nature photographers can attend, as well as families who love the outdoors.Cachagua Island is sanctuary and protected place and unique spot close to center Chile, where is permanent humboldt penguinsOnly place with a fabulous semi-tropical climate all year round, pleasant temperatures with pure wind with the smell of fresh sea and pine trees, where four varieties of landscapes are mixed to enjoy, such as the nesting wetland and its lagoon, the beach, the sand dunes and the pine park and then either camp and spend the night or end the day with a Chilean Empanadas with typical outdoor food

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