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Step into Bangkok’s only urban beach club to enjoy some time away from the big city stress. Take in the groovy ambiance as you learn how to ride waves in the innovative FlowRider, an indoor simulated surfing machine that has turned into its own renowned sport.

Book your surf session and bring your friends along to relax in the facilities for free. Purchase some snacks or drinks while you take a break from surfing and watch other people ride the waves. Flow House is an awesome hang-out spot for those looking for a beach escape without leaving the city.

Learn to catch your very first waves with the help of the expert staff or try out some cool tricks with the proper gear and supervision. If surfing sounds daunting to you, start out with some bodyboarding to build your confidence on the water.



Hop onto a surfboard and ride some exciting waves on the indoor FlowRider
Visit Flow House, the only urban beach club in Bangkok, with a relaxing ambiance
Learn how to surf with all geat included and the help of the expert staff
Bring your friends along with you to hang out and enjoy cool drinks and snacks
Start out with bodyboarding to gain your confidence before you try to surf



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