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Embark on this private culinary adventure with convenient pick-up from your hotel in Ubud at 8am. If you’re not staying in Ubud, go it alone and meet your host at a designated resort near his home. Visit a traditional Balinese walled family complex located in a village close to terraced rice terraces north of Ubud. Comprising several open pavilions around a central courtyard, the village is home to your hosts and their extended family. Near the host’s house Near the Market, discover exotic Balinese fruits, herbs and spices such as galangal, cloves, cocoa and nutmeg and learn about their medicinal properties. Then, take a 10-minute walk to your host’s home for a tour of the family compound before joining Them to cook authentic, home-cooked Balinese cuisine Learn to cook with the Chef’s dishes such as pepes Grilled chicken in banana leaves), spice yellow (chicken with fresh turmeric sauce and coconut milk), and bregedel (fried ground corn). Enjoy a delicious meal you helped prepare while experiencing local family life amidst the greenery of their compound’s walls. Leave behind family recipes, new friends, and memories to last a lifetime. this experience is a visit to a local authentic house to meet a local family who are expert cooks and share Balinese culture and cuisine together.



Learn about 9 recipe of balinese food
Visiting morning market in ubud and see all fresh ingredient
Stop at rice field and heard about how the farmer grow the rice
Welcome drink with balinese lemongrass/ginger tea
Enjoy the meal and get copy recipe from operator company



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