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Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Bacalar’s traditional route and the enchanting southern lagoon on this 4-5 hour guided boat tour. From the thrilling rapids channel to the mystique of the pirates channel, this adventure promises awe-inspiring sights and experiences.
Throughout the journey, you’ll be equipped with essential gear, including masks, life jackets, and a cooler. The captain, doubling as your guide, will lead you on a 20 km voyage through this natural wonder.
Immerse yourself in the serene waters at three different locations, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Guided snorkeling sessions will introduce you to the stunning underwater world of Bacalar.
During this excursion, you’ll encounter:
3 cenotes: black, emerald, and cocalitos.
3 islands: Bird Island, Breeding Island, and Emerald Island.
2 channels: the Rapids channel and the Pirates channel.
2 rivers: the Lol ha and the secret river.
4 distinct ecosystems.
Witness the breathtaking diversity of colors that the lagoon offers, all while receiving high-quality attention and information about this remarkable destination.
The adventure begins as you embark on a 4-5 hour boat ride, accompanied by water, a life jacket, and a water mask, provided by the captain. Your knowledgeable guide will enhance your experience with insights into the lagoon’s history and ecology. Taxes are included in the package.



Admire the vibrant colors of Bacalar Lagoon.
Explore islands and channels.
Discover hidden cenotes.
Snorkel in crystal-clear waters.



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