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Aventura features the longest series of thrilling ziplines in the region and over 85 climbing, tree-surfing, ziplining, rope-crossing challenges spread over five different levels, off the ground and between the trees. Challenge, adventure and fun is guaranteed for all ages. Aventura is a place to experience an unforgettable day in the great outdoors where safety takes priority.
Here’s a bit more about the circuits.

The beautifully designed Discovery Area, built around the pyramid of learning, is jam-packed with fun activities for toddlers and kids up to seven years old. From a miniature rock-climbing wall to a short zipline circuit, little ones can enjoy a fun-filled day for just AED 95.

A circuit especially designed for young children, made up of short, easy challenges, at a low height. Parents can observe their children as they have fun exploring the circuit or relax at Café Chris.

Designed for families where adults can join their children on bridges and ziplines that are great fun and not too difficult. A great introduction to the world of treetop adventures.

Our most unique circuit filled with exhilarating ziplines. The level of difficulty is low but the height is high! Buckle up and surf through the trees on nine consecutive ziplines connected by two bridges, ending with our longest 166-meter zipline – the biggest thrill.

Now the adrenaline really starts to get going! A medium difficulty circuit for visitors 1.4m and above, with both the height and complexity of the challenges increasing… finishing off with three amazing ziplines in a row.

This is the place for the most daring! Get ready for our most famous 25-meter Tarzan jump and the amazing surfboard through the trees. A more difficult circuit in which the obstacles are the most challenging and some of the highest off the ground.



Challenge, adventure and fun guaranteed for all ages
The longest series of thrilling ziplines in the region
Over 85 climbing, tree surfing, zip lining, rope crossing challenges.
Up to five different circuits



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