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So, this ATV game is an adventure tour that uses four-wheeled motorbikes with challenging tracks. ATVs or All-Terrain Vehicles are specifically designed for extreme sports.

The first ATV was introduced in 1985 in the United States. The function of this vehicle is for entertainment, whether racing or just walking around.

ATV tourism in Bali itself passes through various special tracks with slippery, muddy and winding roads. The sensation is certainly different from riding an ATV on a flat and smooth place.

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Playing ATVs in Bali
You can easily find atv vehicles in various tourist areas such as Bali. Also, it is often used in agricultural areas.

Atv s are also often referred to as tractors or mini cars. Designed to be able to traverse all road surfaces. Whether the road is sandy, hilly or muddy.

However, to deal with different terrain, the type of tire must be adjusted.

To be able to traverse muddy and wet terrain, use a 32 inch Silverback so that the ATV



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