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Happy Day Touring! Aswan’s Kalabsha Temple and Nubian Museum A representative from Sun Pyramids Tours will pick you up from your accommodation in Aswan so you can visit the Temple of Kalabsha, which was moved and then rebuilt on a hill close to the High-Dam site (Western Bank). The journey concludes at the eagerly anticipated Nubian Museum, which opened in 1997. This temple was initially constructed by Toutmosis II and Amenophis II at Kalabsha, 40 miles south of Aswan, and was repaired during the Roman invasion. Thousands of ancient artefacts that would have been lost in Lake Nasser’s waters are on show in this museum. The name of this museum is derived from the ancient Egyptian word Nbu, which means gold, in honour of the region’s renowned gold..



Take in Kalabsha Temple that was relocated after Aswan High Dam.
Know more about the history of Ptotamaic dynasty and Emperor Augustus.
Enjoy seeing the combined images of Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperor on the w
Visit the Nubian museum, the exhibition of history, art and culture of Nubia.
Explore the rare collections of artifacts from the Nubia region.



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