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Amazing Bangkok Day Bike Tour, we will give you a unique insight into the lifestyles of the local people in Bangkok. We will guide you through all layers of society, from high sky scrapers through Bangkok’s biggest fresh market which is a jaw dropping experience. Here you will see vegetables you’ve never seen before while living chicken and fish are jumping around. After a small fruit break we will go into small communities built up under the highway.

We will cross the Chao Praya river with our long tail boat where we will arrive in the green heart of Bangkok. A green, lush area where there are many old plantations. The city of Bangkok feels so far away while we are cycling over elevated pathways where we spot an occasional monitor lizard or turtle bathing in the sun.

We will stop in this serene area to sit down and enjoy a delicious home-made lunch which is freshly prepared by the locals living here before we take our long tail boat, cross the river where you can experience a stunning and complete different view of Bangkok’s high-rise buildings and cycle back to tour office.



A unique insight into the lifestyles of the local people in Bangkok
Explore Bangkok’s biggest fresh market
Cross the Chao Praya river with long tail boat
Relax and enjoy a cold soft-drink with a snack



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