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Akihabara is one of the must-visit places for those who love anime and subculture.

However, it’s a relatively large area, and you might need to make reservations for maid cafes as they can be crowded.

By going with an anime enthusiast guide, you can efficiently explore the shops that sell anime merchandise.
You can also browse English versions of manga, retro games, and more together. If you’re looking for old gaming consoles and software that are quite rare even within Japan, your guide can help you search for them.

Furthermore, we’ll visit a “Maid Café,” a unique aspect of Japanese culture that represents “kawaii” or cuteness.

Let’s experience the world of “moe(cute)” together! As a memory of your journey, let’s finish with a group photo by Print Club(purikura) !



Immerse yourself in Otaku culture and set out to find your favorite anime.
Get covered in merchandise like figures & T-shirts that have sprung from Anime
Let cute maids at the maid cafe provide some relaxation.
Transform into an idol yourself with Purikura!
Find your favorite Manga and Go get them



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