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The Atacama Desert steals much of the tourist attention in Northern Chile, however, other notable landscapes are ready to be experienced in the region as well. On this 3-night tour from Arica, get off the beaten path and explore a combination of coastline, desert, and high Andean plateau. Start with a city tour of coastal Arica including a pivotal battlefield in the War of the Pacific with Bolivia and St. Mark’s Cathedral (Catedral San Marcos) built by Gustave Eiffel. Then hit the road through vast landscapes featuring geoglyphs in the Lluta Valley, small villages with historic churches, little-visited archaeological sites, hiking in Lauca National Park to enjoy its lakes and volcanoes, and, finally, the town of Putre.
Get off the beaten path
Avoid crowds with a maximum of 12 people
Eliminate language barriers with an English-speaking guide
Hassle-free with accommodation and transport included

A mixture of coastline, desert and high Andean plateau, its long list of activities will surprise you daily with a new adventure. Dive into history at the San Marcos Cathedral, visit the San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum, where you will find the oldest mummies in the world and visit its valleys, known for their exotic fruits.Come discover the beauty of the altiplano on a visit along ancient roads that reveal more than 30 colonial churches. Guided by the indigenous communities, get to know this natural heritage site that will take you back in time.

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