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1 Month Buddhist Monastery Retreats in Tengboche Nepal – Sagarmatha, Nepal

Join a 1-month Buddhist Monastery Retreat in Tengboche, Nepal. Daily teachings, meditation, and sacred rituals in the Himalayan sanctuary foster inner peace and spiritual growth.


Embark on a transformative one-month Buddhist Monastery Retreat in the sacred village of Tengboche, Nepal. Immerse yourself in Buddhist teachings, meditation, and monastery life while surrounded by the Himalayan grandeur. Participate in spiritual rituals, learn from resident monks, and experience the tranquility of the monastery’s spiritual haven. This extended retreat fosters inner peace, spiritual growth, and a profound connection to the teachings of Buddhism in the heart of the Himalayas.

Brief Itinerary:

Week 1-2 in Tengboche:
Daily: Buddhist teachings and meditation sessions.
Observing and participating in monastery rituals.
Immersion in the serene monastery environment.

Week 3:
Deeper Practice: Intensive meditation and spiritual contemplation.
Silence and solitude for self-reflection.

Week 4 in Tengboche:
Integration: Gradual return to regular routine.
Final blessings and farewell.



Daily Buddhist teachings and meditation practice.
Immersion in the sacred rituals of Tengboche Monastery.
Deepening spiritual connection through solitude and contemplation.



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