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In this special one day tour, We will take you to see the most famous temple in Angkor Archaeological Park. In the morning, We will provide you a great time to visit Angkor Wat Temple and explore this wonder of the world. Next, we will go to Ta Prohm Tomb Raider temple to see this amazing Khmer structure and the gigantic tree roots on the temple. After Lunch, we will take a short visit at Ta Nei, a quiet temple in the forest, and head to Victory Gate of Angkor Thom, a famous spot for photography. Then, we’ll visit Bayon, a 216 face temple at the center of Angkor Thom, and we will continue to Baphuon which is a pyramid-shaped Khmer structure. We’ll take a visit at the former Angkor royal palace, the terrace of the elephant, the terrace of the Leper King. We’ll watch a beautiful sunset at Phnom Bakheng mountain.

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