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Explore the history of the OZ universe with QR codes on this self-guided immersive tour. Discover dolls, comics, toys, maps, original props, costumes, figurines, posters, and fine first editions belonging to the film. Grab some unique photo ops with laser projections of locations from the film.
Walk through the permanent exhibition and witness over 30 laser projections that will fully immerse you in the world of Wizard of OZ. The projections on display cover all 4 walls and the floor in over 2000 square feet of room.
Be reminded of memorable scenes from the film as you venture through the Tornado, munchkin land, the yellow brick road, poppy field, the dark forest, emerald city, and much more.

Witness the works of Van Gogh like never before with an immersive exhibit that runs in addition to the Wizard of Oz exhibit. See the works of the famous Dutch master in a unique series of 3D laser projections that will be sure to provide you with some memorable holiday snaps.



Enter the world of Wizard of OZ through immersive 3D laser projections

See the works of Van Gogh like never before during your visit

Witness over 2000 square feet of ceiling and wall projections from the film

Discover over 2000 artifacts related to the Wizard of Oz movie and books

Grab some memorable photo snaps in the exhibition rooms for your socials



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