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San Juan: Abanico Workshop with Tapas and Drinks

Take part in an abanico workshop in San Juan and discover the history of Spanish fan culture. Savor traditional tapas, sip on complimentary drinks, and select your very own hand fan to take home as a souvenir.


First, we will introduce you to the millennial history of abanicos and the materials needed for their construction. You will learn about this beautiful tradition, and how this item passed from Egyptians to Romans, to courtesans, to the European nobility, and finally the most representative gift from Seville. It has accompanied all civilizations.

Then every guest will choose one piece and will learn how to use it as a communication tool, the famous Abanico Language. You can express more than 30 things with way to move it! What a fun concept right? Learn its ways and have fun becoming an insider.

You will be serve great tapas and drinks, as part of the party, where you will meet as well other traditions and hidden gems of the city. Even just this part makes up for it all!

Finally, each guest will leave with its own abanico and with a really cool story to tell to friends, something that it is hardly available to the visitors, not even locals sometimes. A wearable memory of Spain.



  • Get an in-depth insight into the history and tradition of the Abanico in Spain
  • Choose your own Spanish Abanico as a unique souvenir to take home with you
  • Learn about the Abanico’s language!
  • Enjoy a selection of traditional Spanish tapas & local drink during the workshop


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