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Nashville: The Pink Panther City Adventure Game – App Guided

Discover the best of Nashville's hot spots, highlights and areas that we know you'll want to see, as you attempt to solve the Case of the Missing Diamond, on this fun, interactive, outdoor Adventure.


The Pink Panther Diamond has been stolen and it’s up to you to crack the case! This hilarious and fun Outdoor Adventure will navigate you to the hot spots, highlights and best parts of the city that we know you’ll want to see. You’ll discover new places, hidden gems and little nooks that you might want to return to, all while being entertained by the inimitable Inspector Clouseau, as you practice your detective skills and deduce your way to solving the Case of the Missing Diamond. Your adventure Starts and Ends at the Internationally acclaimed Tinney Contemporary Art Gallery (open Tuesday- Saturday).

Throughout your journey you are the star, so you should feel right at home hob-knobbing with the industry’s most inspired musicians at the intimate Analog music venue, at the Hutton Hotel, or Indulging in the popular Pancake Pantry to replenish your energy on our investigation. Centennial Park will revitalize your senses as you absorb some culture before taking in the magnificent Grand Ole Opry, should you fancy it.

There’s so much to see and discover, so explore until your hearts content! Then, when it’s time to move on, just tap the button and the adventure continues!
Whether you journey Solo, with friends or family, you will have the freedom to explore each location at your own pace. If you find a spot that you want to hang out in, no problem. The bounce app will wait until you’re ready to move on, whether it’s in an hour or even the next day. Your adventure remains available to you until you complete it, so feel free to take your time.

The Pink Panther and the Case of the Missing Diamond is the best way to discover a new destination or even rediscover your hometown.

So, get your tickets, jump in the car and explore the city the right way!



  • Feel at home as you explore Music City USA!
  • Explore a variety of neighborhoods and discover the Nashville you hoped to see
  • Great for families! Discover famous museums, parks, live music venues and more.
  • Touring the city and solving the case is a breeze with the free Bounce App.
  • Adventure at your own pace so you can take time sightseeing in Nashville.


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