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Nashville: 1-Hour Escape Room Adventure in Opry Mills

Enter 1 of 3 immersive worlds and work as a team to complete a mission. Find hidden gold or save the day as you become the hero of your very own adventure.


Find yourself within a series of elaborately-designed rooms. Work together with your group to find clues and solve puzzles to complete your given mission. Escaping will require teamwork, communication, wits, and a sense of adventure. With 3 thrilling adventures to choose from, you may find yourself searching for an old gold prospector’s hidden fortune or saving the world as a special agent. Once you arrive, meet your dedicated game guide who will take you to your adventure and help you as needed. Complete the mission within 60 minutes in order to escape.

No matter your choice of game, keep your wits about you and focus: you’ve only got 1 hour to escape. After you and your group have emerged victorious, you’ll be conveniently located in Opry Mills, so you can easily celebrate with a bite to eat.



  • Engage in a unique game to complete tasks and escape within a 1-hour time limit
  • Test your problem-solving skills with fun, tactile challenges
  • Be transported to other worlds in super immersive games


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