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Take a journey back in time with this ‘Evolution Of The Weapon’ show at GoNativeNow in Kissimmee. Immerse yourself in the story of how weapon technologies changed for the Jororo tribe from stabbing spears in Paleo times to the Mississippian Mound Builder’s bow and arrows.
Visit the Jororo native American village, a full-scale living history folk village that was built to take you back in time and show you how one family, the Big Mountains, would have survived life in the Everglades centuries ago.
Sit down to a family-friendly show that demonstrates how weapons evolved for the people of the Jororo tribe. Find out how the Big Mountain Family survived on the Kissimmee River hundreds of years ago.
Enjoy content that has been put together based on archeology and storytelling that has been passed on from generation to generation. Admire exciting demonstrations with these weapons.
See how stabbing spears where used in Paleo times which changed over time to throwing spears in the Archaic times and then to Atl-atl throwing spears in the woodland period. Finally see how the Mississippian Mound Builders had bows and arrows, blowguns, and rabbit sticks.



Watch thrilling demonstrations on how different weapons were once used

Learn how weapons were created involving sophisticated skills and imagination

Combine education and entertainment in this family friendly show for all ages

Immerse yourself in the story of the Jororo which goes back many centuries

Admire traditional Jororo buildings that were made in an eco-friendly way



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