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iFLY Tampa: First-Time Flyer Experience

Defy gravity in a state-of-the-art wind tunnel at iFLY in Tampa and feel the thrill of a simulated skydive.


Defy gravity with skill, style, and courage at iFLY Tampa. If you have dreamt of flying since you were young, live out your dreams within a skydiving simulator. With state-of-the-art technologies, flying has never been this easy. Enjoy an unforgettable experience at the iFLY wind tunnel venue. Professional flight instructors will give you one-on-one instruction on how to make different body positions to control how you fly inside the tunnel. Receive a complimentary skydive gear rental and an actual flight experience at a fraction of the cost of a tandem jump and with a much longer freefall time. The gravity-defying flight itself lasts for two minutes.

Each wind tunnel has multiple large fans that can blow a wind of up to 185 mph (300 kph) and a pressurized staging area that can fit up to 12 flyers at one time. Safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens, and realistic for skydivers, the iFLY experience will leave you smiling from cheek to cheek.



  • Defy gravity with skill, style, and courage at iFLY Tampa
  • Feel an adrenaline rush in a skydiving simulator
  • Experience the thrill of skydiving without the dangers of a real flight


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