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Meet one of NASA’s astronauts at the Kennedy Space Center. Learn about astronaut traditions, have the chance to ask questions, and enjoy food and a drink during the session.
Start with pickup from select locations in Orlando and head to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. While at the Visitors Complex, learn about NASA’s astronauts and their traditions.
Ask an astronaut your most pressing questions about their experiences in a casual, small-group setting. The session will involve a group conversation and also includes food and a drink. Receive a commemorative gift and a signed portrait of the astronaut as a part of this experience.
At the end of the session, you can explore the Kennedy Space Center on your own. Immerse yourself in the history and future of space exploration as you see the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit and complete the Shuttle Launch Experience.



Experience the exciting atmosphere of the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex

Have the chance to ask an astronaut questions about space and daily life

Explore the Kennedy Space Center and see the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit

Have something to eat and a drink while having an casual conversation

Take home a signed portrait of the astronaut to commemorate the experience



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