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Austin: Haunted City Exploration Game

Discover the ghosts of Austin by solving challenging puzzles and unlocking stories on your phone. Play an engaging exploration game as Ted Quigley, a student haunted by the voices of the dead.


The city game starts at Clearfield Lawn Care. It will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to complete but you can also explore at your own pace. Pause the game and resume anytime from the location where you paused it. You will finish at the Moonshine Grill.

As you solve challenges, the story unfolds and exact directions on your phone will guide you to the next location. Ready to get spooked?

After your booking, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and play the game on your phone. You can play on your own, in a large group, or in several smaller groups that compete against each other and meet at the final stop of the game. It is recommended that each user purchases a ticket for an optimal experience, although several people can share a phone.



  • Explore the areas surrounding the Texas State Capitol Building, the Governor’s Mansion and the eerie Moonlight Towers, including some lesser-known pla
  • Enjoy a uniquely crafted story brought to you by our talented team of writers.
  • Learn about the fascinating path of history which may connect America’s first serial killer to one of the most famed assassins of all time.
  • Explore the Haunted Hotels along 7th street.
  • Meet the ghosts of the Texas Government’s past.


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